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2020 Automation trends to accelerate your business

When asked “What’s the best thing about Automation?” I often hear answers like:

  • “It’s scalable, flexible and encourages growth.”
  • “Automation brings teams together.”
  • “Automation means I can focus on marketing my business.”
  • “Automation means that I don’t have to worry as much when I am away from the office.”

And it’s now easier than ever to find the right solutions for your business.

Read on to find out more about the key 2020 automation trends: collaboration and personalisation.

Unlock the Potential of Your Team

It’s all about collaboration.

Allowing your team to use automated tools helps to unlock precious ‘brain space’, empowering them to have a greater focus on achieving goals without having to obsess over uncomplicated but time-consuming tasks.

You can automate processes that don’t require strategic thinking and gain data-rich insights into the business that your team can use to make business-boosting decisions. You can worry less about human error whilst ensuring you are using up-to-date and relevant information.

This collaboration of humans and machines will lead industries to innovate faster and this is a trend that we can expect to see adoption of at an accelerated pace through 2020. The greater visibility that comes from automation will assist in making it easier to identify ROI and areas for improvement.

With automation, you can expect to see a more energised team, concentrated on driving revenue and innovation.

The 2020 Automation Trend is Collaboration

Make it Personal

Automation doesn’t mean cold and robotic.

When used well, automation can boost engagement and brand-love. For example, sending a set of targeted emails to a specific customer profile can immediately convey how much you care about your customers, especially if they are personalised and include their name.

Consider ecommerce: that lovely 20% email you received on your birthday – how did it make you feel? Were you more inclined to make a purchase? It’s this simple but clever use of automation that maintains brand loyalty. There is a growing demand for personalisation and automation can help businesses accomplish this goal, saving heaps of time.

Putting the emphasis back onto the consumer will allow powerful insights to guide your marketing and business strategy.

Business Automation 2020 Trends Personalisation

The Bottom Line

We should be constantly striving to improve.

Research has shown that the automation of simple and repetitive tasks can achieve cost savings of up to 60% and time savings of up to a staggering 90%.

Adopt these trends and make your work more meaningful, inclusive and collaborative. Automation is an investment into the future-proofing of your business.