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6 great reasons to use Shopify for your online store

Looking for a shopping cart solution for your e-commerce business? Then look no further. Founded in 2004, Shopify now has 1 million users globally powering the shopping carts of 500,000 businesses. Here are 6 reasons that make Shopify stand out as an all-round e-commerce solution.

1. Easy to Use

With Shopify, business owners do not have to have any technical expertise. There is no need for coding, web hosting or server maintenance. Shopify has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing you to focus on your business. To get your online shop up and running takes only a few minutes.

If you have questions, Shopify provides round the clock customer phone support, email support and an FAQ page. There is also a Shopify Manual, which covers such issues as product display, sales, shipping, payment, discounts, database management etc.

2. Reliable

Fact: With self-hosted solutions, when your server goes down, you lose business. Even delayed page loads can negatively affect your revenue, as consumers simply will not wait when trying to view products to buy.

Shopify, on the other hand, hosts your shopping cart and takes care of all server upgrades and maintenance to ensure that it is always available, doesn’t load slowly, and that any emergency issues are dealt with in the shortest time possible.

3. Mobile-Ready

51.3% of consumer traffic comes from mobile devices, according to data from more than 500 global retailers. So with mobile visits now higher than desktop, it is more important than ever to have a mobile-optimised site. Your Shopify store will look great on any device. That is because Shopify includes a free built-in shopping cart for mobile and all of Shopify’s themes are mobile-responsive. There are also free Android and iPhone apps, which allow you to manage you store on the go from anywhere.

4. App Store Integrations

The functionality of Shopify can be boosted by the various apps that are available in their App Store. This makes it a far more flexible and accommodating solution than other e-commerce software, giving it the edge over competitors.

One of these apps is SEO Met Manager, which allows you to optimise your products for search engines with the choice of how your products are displayed on each search engine. It also helps optimise blogs and homepages for search and helps with page views and brand visibility.

5. Customisable

Shopify gives you the ability to design the visual appearance of your online store. You can choose from ready-made templates and themes.  The more attractive your store, the more likely your customers will want to stay and browse.

6. Own Payment Gateway

As well as having integrated with dozens of payment gateways, Shopify offers its own, powered by Stripe.  Choosing Stripe means you will not incur any transaction fees and you will also benefit from lower credit card fees. Furthermore, it doesn’t need you to have a merchant account.

For more information about Shopify, click here. Or for help with Shopify, get in touch.