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Lightspeed Retail Series X (formerly Vend) User? You need to take action!

Are you a Lightspeed Retail Series X (formerly Vend) user? This article is for you?


  • The Vend URL is changing on January 14th so you’ll need to change your bookmarked links. 
  • You’ll also have to migrate your product catalog before January 14th. 


New Domain for Lightspeed

If you’ve been using Lightspeed as your Point of Sale (POS) system for the last few years, you’ll be well aware of the change from the POS being known as Vend to the new name Lightspeed. 

With the merger, it was always understood that Vend would become part of the Lightspeed ecosystem. 

This week, it was announced that one of the bigger steps in this process, a domain migration, has been set to happen on January 14th 2024. This change will have some impact on all current users of the system. 

The old domain,, will become from January 14th.This means that to access your Lightspeed login, you’ll need to go to the new URL. Lightspeed have stated that there will be a redirect from (so you won’t get an error, you’ll be redirected to the new URL) for the time being, but that it won’t last forever. 

As a Lightspeed user this means: 

  • You’ll go to a different page to login (
  • If you’ve got a bookmark on your browser, you’ll need to change it to the new URL.
  • If you go to the old URL ( it will redirect you to the new URL, but only for the time being. 

Migrating your Product Catalog

The other change mentioned in the announcement concerns product catalogs. Alongside the change in URL, users will also be required to migrate their product catalogs onto the new URL. 

This needs to be done before January 14th, so it’s critical that you action this change as soon as possible. Whilst Lightspeed have advised this will only affect users who access Lightspeed via Web Register (ie not on a mobile device), we would recommend completing the migration ahead of time in all instances. 

This means you’ll need to complete the following steps: 

This process will need to be completed outside of trading hours as no transactions can be processed whilst the download is in process. 

This needs to be completed BEFORE January 14th! The updates from Lightspeed don’t at this point indicate what will happen if your product catalogs are not downloaded prior to the 14th, so we highly recommend you book some time in outside of your trading hours to do your catalog migration (if you’ve got a large catalog, this may take a few hours). 

If you are concerned about the changes, or would like to discuss help and support for the migration, we are happy to help. You can book a call or email or call 01785 244080.