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Podcast: Top ecommerce accounting mistakes & how to avoid them

No Margin 📈 No Mission 🚀 on the #OnlineSellerUK Podcast 🎙️

Phil at podcast

Philip Oakley was talking about ecommerce accounting on the Online Seller UK podcast by Prabhat S.

They covered some of the ecommerce accounting mistakes 🤯 that we often see at Outserve and the importance of knowing your numbers, especially margin!

While accounting may not be the most exciting 🕺 part of ecommerce understanding your margin is so important on sales channels like Amazon. While the sale opportunities can be massive, fees and costs eat away at your profit margin 📉😭. Having up to date accounting information is essential to make the strategic decisions you need to maximise profits.

This is also where Prabhat S. can take your ecommerce business to the next level 💪. As an Amazon Advertising Guru 🧘 Prabhat can ensure you are getting the maximum return on investment on your Amazon advertising spend and maximise your profit margin. 

The Online Seller UK podcast is available on all good Podcast Players (Spotify, iTunes etc) and of course YouTube as below: