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Understanding the Cloud: Benefits and Opportunities

Cloud computing really means using software that is processing in another hardware location.


You’ve probably heard people mention the cloud or cloud computing and you’ve probably wondered what it is, or even asked whether it’s something you need to care about.

Cloud computing is a lot less confusing than people think and there are many benefits to embracing the technology. Cloud computing really means using software that is processing in another hardware location. To you, the end user, this means that you’re accessing computing through the internet. It frees up the power and memory of your laptop or computer as most of the processing is happening on different hardware. It’s available on demand, whenever you need it, from anywhere.


It’s great for reducing the cost of IT services, by removing the need for costly hardware on-premise and also the cost of keeping hardware up to date and maintained! When you’re using cloud software, you don’t need to buy, maintain and replace network infrastructure that in-house software relies on. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. This allows more of your money to be invested into other areas of your business, keeping you growing!

One of the main benefits is scalability, it allows you to utilize any computing resources that you need whilst being able to quickly add or remove them from your business when necessary. If you need to increase your software usage or number of software users, changes can be made instantly or if you need to scale back, cloud software subscriptions often work on a monthly subscription basis, so you’re not tied into a long-term contract.

Many people really value being able to access software from anywhere, meaning they can work wherever and whenever they want without needing to be based in an office, as long as they have an internet connection. It also opens up flexible working opportunities for your workforce, as your staff do not need to be based in the office to access software, nor do you need to set up VPNs to protect staff connecting from off-premise. Many workers are really valuing this kind of flexibility (especially post Covid!), but it also opens up hiring opportunities for your business. With the ability to work from anywhere and access cloud software, you’re not limited geographically when looking for the best talent.

Many cloud solutions like Unleashed and Xero have integrations to one another, allowing you to create joined-up systems within the cloud. Previously, having multiple software modules working together required large, expensive software licenses (even into six figures!). Many of the most popular cloud solutions have native integrations built in, meaning they are set to work with one another, passing pertinent transactions and data between systems. Many solutions also have open API, which simply means that if the integration you need doesn’t exist, a skilled developer can write an integration solution for you! This drastically lowers the cost barrier to world class software solutions. Whereas previously, only large businesses could afford the best software solutions, cloud software has opened up brilliant software solutions to many more businesses around the world.

If you’re interested in updating your business with cloud-based software, Outserve have years of experience working with businesses aiming to become more efficient and profitable by using cloud softwares.


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