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Why the heck should I integrate my software?

As your company grows you will have to make some decisions. From the big things like how to handle sales or how to reach your target market, to the small things like which coffee to fuel your morning. 


Some decisions have consequences that can stretch beyond what we see, software choices often fall into this category…

  • You’ve got that great accounting program that makes numbers magic and bookkeeping a breeze 
  • You’ve got that super slick modern web shop that drives your sales and marketing strategies
  • All your warehousing and shipping is covered by an inventory management system that doesn’t miss a trick*

These programs are amazing bits of kit but when you have to take the data from each one and feed it into another, check for errors and then rinse and repeat at every stage it can feel like being back at square one. 


Wait… What if there was a way to add automation to your process? A way for your software to talk to each other instead of demanding things from you? 


Outserve can add integration and automation to your business. From plug-and-play bridges to building entire custom software packages from scratch we can help you create the perfect solution. With fully integrated software your orders can get picked up at the sales stage, dispatched at the inventory level and then registered into your accounts software - all this whilst you sit back and work on world domination. 


*Psst… are you missing accounting, web or inventory software that work for you? We are partnered with several solutions and can walk you through the process…talk to us today!