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How to increase your B2B sales with Unleashed

B2B companies (including manufacturers and wholesalers) are now looking to e-commerce platforms to help them increase their sales – and early adopters are seeing proven results! With this in mind, Unleashed stock management software has some features on its B2B e-commerce portal that will help to boost your business-to-business sales and make the whole process much more efficient. Read on.

Using these features allows everything to fall into place.


Create Categories and Classify Products

Finding products and placing orders is even easier for your customers by creating categories and classifying your products on your B2B store. This will not only simplify the process for your customers but will improve your customer satisfaction greatly as they can find products and place orders more easily.

Gain Control with Warehouse Mapping

Managing multiple warehouses can be a numerical nightmare. Using Unleashed, you can see your stock levels in real time at each warehouse, display stock levels from multiple warehouses and you are able to select one destination warehouse to fulfil your B2B orders. Now that’s smart.

Make Targeted Sales

Your business is growing and as a result, you need more control over customer segmentation. Unleashed gives you the control you need. Unleashed’s new feature gives you the ability to create catalogues and then add groups of products – you can then make targeted sales to different customers! Genius!

Share the Load

Unleashed allows multiple admins on the B2B e-commerce platform! This is a great way to lighten the load and delegate responsibilities. What a wonderful way to save time and focus energy on other parts of running your business, boosting your efficiency.

Give Customers All the Product Details They Need

On the product details page of your B2B store, customers will be able to see all the product information, such as the available stock and any special prices you might have set, such as quantity discounts or customer special pricing.

Make Repeat Ordering Effortless

Customers who buy the same items from you time again will thank you for making repeat orders easy. In your Unleashed B2B e-commerce store, customers can use the order history page to view their past orders and place the same order again with one click. What’s more, they’ll be able to see the status of their order here too.

Repeat ordering is encouraged in your B2B store, as customers can add the products they like to their favourites list. From here they can add these products to their cart for a quick purchase.

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