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Xero updates march 2020 – Yay!

Let’s celebrate the good! 😊

Xero have released some terrific updates this March and they will certainly improve your experience of the software – especially if you are working at home and have set yourself the great task of getting a bit more organised!

  • Set and View Credit Limits on Invoices
  • Manage Subscriptions and Billing
  • Hubdoc Included in Xero – Coming Soon
  • Xero Tax – Coming Soon

All you need to know is below. 👇

Set and View Credit Limits on Invoices 💸

This new feature from Xero will greatly boost small businesses by giving them greater visibility. You can now set credit limits for customers, as well as having the ability to view customers credit statuses at the time of sale. This is particularly helpful as this enables businesses to have greater control over the amount of risk taken – specific to a customer. Furthermore, there is the added benefit of being able to reduce exposure to bad debt.

This feature allows you to now set a credit limit per contact and view credit limit and credit remaining in the contact card while invoicing.You can also reduce the risk of having overdue or unpaid invoices as the invoices that you do create will be managed more effectively through informed decisions which also helps to improve cash flow!


Coming Soon – Eeeek! Very Exciting!


Hubdoc included in Xero 🧾

Hubdoc, Xero’s data capture tool, will soon be included in all Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans! What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that businesses will be able to quickly and easily pop their bills and receipts into Xero – saving time by reducing that dreaded manual data entry and enabling greater visibility of your financials! To find out more about this fabulous addition,
click here.

“Already, many small businesses today have implemented Hubdoc in their bookkeeping process to work more effectively with their accountant or bookkeeper; creating more time to focus on what matters the most.” -Xero.

As Official Xero App Integrators, we take pride in helping businesses harness the power of the Xero app ecosystem. You can find out more about the recent Xero releases for accountants here!