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Xero making beautiful business


Xero: Beautiful Business

This month Xero has updated its “Beautiful accounting software” tagline to “Beautiful business” in a global brand update, so we thought this would be a good time to remind ourselves of the benefits of Xero for businesses and accountants.

Xero Cloud Accounting

Improve cash flow and save money

Using Xero’s cloud accounting software allows you to send invoices immediately and get paid faster. Xero’s multiple online payment options also make it easier for customers to pay straight away. With invoice due alerts help you manage your debtors and pay your own bills on time too. Finally, this software allows you to streamline your processes and keep on top of your accounts so you can avoid large tax bills and penalty fees.


Improve efficiency and save time

Xero software enables you to save templates, and copy similar tasks, so you don’t have to create new ones each time. The mobile app gives you access to business details and allows you to manage your business finance from anywhere, saving you time and effort. Receipts can be photographed and uploaded on the go by you and your staff to help you to keep track of your expenses more easily. Similarly, the app allows you to raise purchase orders and send invoices from anywhere and at any time too.


Keep your business information safe

Your financial and customer data is protected with multiple layers of security when using Xero software. Xero uses two-step authentication which adds another layer of protection to your account and you can control the level of access your staff have. Furthermore, everything is backed up automatically and safely stored in the cloud.


Stay in control of your finances

Xero is incredibly easy to install and use and takes the mystery out of accounting. You can ask questions and collaborate with your accountant in real-time. Communication about your important business information is far more accessible.

A direct feed from your bank gives you a daily picture of your cash position, allowing you to catch issues early and plan ahead.


It’s also an easy task to approve the invoices and expenses your staff enter into Xero, giving you a clear insight into your business.


Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere

You can access your account from anywhere, on any device because all your data is stored in the cloud. This means you can invoice, quote, add receipt, approve expenses and reconcile from your phone.


Look professional

You are able to use Xero’s customisable templates to add your logo and personalise your invoices.


Xero enables you to have a complete picture of each customer at your fingertips. With Xero it’s easier to build rapport and follow up on anything that’s outstanding.

In addition, Xero lets you keep track of deliveries and bills to manage stock and pay creditors on time.


Always know how you’re performing

You or your accountant can create personalised reports for you to access anytime. Using Xero means any changes your accountant makes immediately show in Xero. This software becomes a single point of reference at any time.


For more information about Xero, click here. For help with installing Xero or integrating it with your other business systems, contact us here.