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Webinar: Inventory & Accounts Software for Food & Beverage Business to Scale & Grow

Lack of confidence in your data slows down your decision making?

Webinar: Thursday 2nd March 12.30pm - 1pm 

F&B Webinar

Food & Beverage business - do you recognise any of these:

  • Your good systems are now failing you.
  • Taking too long to get the information you need to make the right decisions.
  • Worrying about how much longer you can go on with your current processes.
  • Are you looking to solve today's problems for the years ahead?
  • Are you tired of sticking plaster solutions?


Are you looking for answers to these questions:

  • How much inventory have I got in stock today, and where is it?
  • Where am I losing money because of stockouts and overstocking?
  • How much profit am I making on each product and product group?
  • How much profit are you making on each customer/channel?
  • Which products should you stop selling?


During this webinar we will cover:

  • Why classic ERP may not be the answer for your food and beverage business.
  • How to choose the fast ERP solutions for your tech stack.
  • Why integration is so important for efficiency - API and EDI.
  • How to get the numbers you need.
  • How to understand where your profits come from.


About Your Speaker

Phil Oakley, System Integration Expert at Outserve.

Working with Challenger Brands to Know Their Numbers, Systemise Their Business & Scale. Unleashed & Xero Gold Partner. Taking the ‘Eek’ out of E-commerce, For Shopify & Amazon Retailers.

Helping product and e-commerce businesses scale and streamline systems and processes. Integrating Xero, Shopify, and unleashed into your business to get better data to help you run your business.