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Webinar: Use payment terms to sell more and scale faster

Payment terms allow your customers to buy goods from you without paying upfront, however this can be risky and mess up commercial relationships quickly. 

Who is it for?: Accounts staff & business owners of product brands, manufacturers and distributors that wholesale.


That's why PencilPay & Outserve are partnering to present a webinar on Thursday 25th of May at 12:00 pm London time.
Join us as we discuss how payment terms can be your best friend, or your worst enemy and how adding a few small tasks to your onboarding process can help you scale without risk. 
PencilPay and Outserve webinar


About Your Speakers

Philip Oakley Outserve

Phil Oakley, System Integration Expert at Outserve.

Working with Challenger Brands to Know Their Numbers, Systemise Their Business & Scale. Unleashed & Xero Gold Partner. Taking the ‘Eek’ out of E-commerce, For Shopify & Amazon Retailers.

Helping product and e-commerce businesses scale and streamline systems and processes. Integrating Xero, Shopify, and unleashed into your business to get better data to help you run your business.

Tim Demetriou, PencilPay

Tim Demetriou, CEO & Co-Founder, PencilPay

My experience is broad with 12 years across Sales & Marketing Hospitality, Technology and Education where I have motivated teams and developed exceptional business culture.

Equally analytical and data focused, I am a true hands-on operator with over ten years’ experience planning, understanding and driving sales, technology (product and operational use), on-boarding and customer service.

My main skill set has been across customer acquisition both B2B & B2C, having scaled the sales and acquisition function of a previous business from $0-$100M turnover in just 4 years.

My focus is building a new business in the FinTech sector. Pencil is a platform that helps suppliers and distributors manage their trade accounts.