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Why would I link my accounting to my CRM software?

Hi there!


On the surface this might seem like a waste of time - why does my CRM need anything from my accounting software? Why does my accounting software care about my CRM system? But this couldn't be further from the truth!


These questions - and more besides! - will be the topic of conversation for a workshop I am appearing on in January hosted by Hubspot expert Bart Kowalczyk

I'm honoured to be a guest on one of Bart's workshops and look forward to helping many businesses out there get there first steps on the journey towards fully automated and integrated accounting software. 

HubSpot workshop 24.01.23

The workshop is titled Getting Started with Accounting in Hubspot and will be an online event, 24th January from 2pm-2:30pm

Save your seat here

I'm really looking forward to catching up with Bart and explaining why increased automation in a business can lead to better sales 📈, more efficiency ⚙️ and access to powerful data 💽. The stronger your data the better reporting you can do on it.


I look forward to seeing you there! Give me a shout on LinkedIn if you've booked your place!


All the best!

Philip Oakley