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Xero Launcher 🚀 creates your digital home page

Xero has recently launched 🚀 (any excuse to use the rocket) the Xero Launcher



A digital home page for your all your connected apps 

We think the launcher is a great idea to have an easy way to access all your Xero connected apps but see the real potential to make Xero your digital home page to see and access all your apps. Just like Facebook it makes sense for Xero to attract it's users to spend more time in the Xero interface.


A springboard to your working day

We can see many users starting in Xero every morning checking their Dashboard and KPI's and then having all their connected apps one click away.


The benefits of apps

Much has been written about businesses using integrated apps and the benefit to businesses but what is clear for most is that having the right integrated apps makes business more efficient and allows businesses grow. What we see at Outserve is growing businesses need integrated apps to scale efficiently and businesses with apps can cope better with growth.

The future

While many apps are yet to add their link to the Xero App Launcher we think this is just the start of more businesses getting the benefits of apps and seeing what apps are available with an easy way to access them. Anything that makes technology visible and accessible to more business owners has to be a good thing!

If you would like more information apps that can connect to Xero especially if you have great products or want to become more efficient in e-commerce contact us at Outserve.