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Do I need a B2B portal?

Do your goals include growing more revenue and driving customer acquisitions?

Relying on an out-dated system can soon bring your business to a halt. A B2B portal for online order management can sensibly cut costs and boost profits.

Have you considered introducing a specific B2B Portal? 

  • The B2B industry is moving online.
  • Meaningful data boosts marketing efforts and sales.
  • Expansion into new markets is easy.

Is the thought of implementing a new system intimidating? Of course – but that’s why we’re here to help. A B2B portal can be extremely beneficial. Data suggests that by providing your customers with a dedicated, customised and professional web store, you can experience an increase in retention. So what are you waiting for?

A B2B portal can help you take advantage of the market leading automation trends, namely personalisation. Research has shown that at a staggering 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience (PWC, 2018). And as take-up of intuitive automated solutions increases, you can make sure you become an industry leader by investigating business boosting options like a B2B portal and discussing your requirements with experts.

You can easily reach new markets, a B2B portal does not require the same manual effort that you may be using now. There is no need for a 24/7 sales team as it’s all taken care of through an online sales channel that is available 365 days a year, around the clock, regardless of time zones. Eliminating that common B2B ecommerce challenge enables your business to serve international markets, easy peasy! 

Imagine, dramatically increased capabilities at your fingertips!

Reach New Markets with a B2B portal

Using a B2B portal enables you to build a better rapport with customers. You have the ability to target customers with specific products that enables you to provide a much more valuable experience. Save them from browsing through pages and pages of catalogues and turn your customers into evangelists – increase your brand-love!

Importantly, you can provide pricing and payment options. For example, you can provide offers, discounts with the option of bank transfers, PayPal and credit, etc for each customer. Giving you greater control over your customers. It’s important to consider these features as they benefit both you and your customers, improving the customer experience and creating a more seamless process. 

A B2B portal can provide fantastic channels of data using power integrations to other systems, such as your stock management and accounting software. This will supply you with greater visibility, making managing purchasing, stockholding and distribution effortless. 

Every business needs actionable data in order to improve. This can be your reality as data capture and data-rich reports are a great addition to the suite of tools available with a B2B portal. You can even improve the results of your marketing efforts by analysing your customer’s purchasing behaviour and creating segments.

Ultimately, the introduction of a B2B portal has a massively positive impact on a business. Our team of experts can help you to harness the powerful platform that is an Unleashed B2B portal and tailor it to suit your needs.