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3 Easy ways to improve e-commerce sales

They arrive as a visitor, leave as a customer.


Key Features of Ecommerce Websites

A great ecommerce website is easily navigable. Having the above features obvious on your ecommerce website will help to guide your visitors and encourage purchases.

Shopping basket

The shopping basket is the most popular and universally recognisable icon and so having it prominently on your store’s website helps your potential customers to complete purchases.

Make the shopping basket of your website clear and easy to use by having options such as:

  • Delete
  • Save for later
  • Increase quantity
  • Decrease quantity

Being able to store items in a basket that the visitor can view and edit gives greater control to the visitor. Providing a tally of the cost of products and showing available discounts in this section is sure to boost the number of conversions.

Basket on ecommerce store.


Search bar

People who use the search bar on an ecommerce website are more likely to complete a purchase as they are searching for something specific. The search bar needs to be unmissable, most consumers expect to be able to quickly find what they want.

  • You have 15 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention
  • The average duration of their stay on a website is 2 minutes

If visitors can’t find the information they’re looking for they will leave your site and look elsewhere. An unsatisfied visitor is unlikely to return and make a purchase.

It’s vital that this feature of your ecommerce website works properly. Ensuring products have been tagged appropriately is vital. Make sure you have accounted for misspelt words, synonyms and different versions of words.

Search bar on ecommerce store.


Login box 

It’s a nice touch that allows for personalisation. So, make it stand out.

Once a visitor has signed up, you can send them special discount offers, promotions or sales updates – giving them value. You can produce targeted and personalised marketing for a specific customer – giving you much better results than a generic email.

You can then suggest products that they might like by analysing what they have bought from you before.

Giving customers the option to have a private account can not only help with re-marketing, but it can also provide a sense of security. Order details are stored and protected – most ecommerce websites provide accounts where it’s possible for customers to access their order history (previous and current orders).

So, that product they really love, but can’t remember what it’s called, is in their order history.



Login to ecommerce store



Optimising these key features can have a massive impact on sales and customer retention. Now take a look at how providing a great FAQ page can save you time and money.