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How to move from one e-commerce platform to another


Why move?

If your online store is getting bigger, you might find that your online e-commerce platform no longer serves you as well as it used to. A wider offering might mean that you now need access to certain features, more technical support or the ability to integrate your shopping cart with your other systems. Not upgrading to another platform could mean slowing your business growth, however, not switching over properly to another store could slow you down too.

Risks to your business

One of the biggest risks when migrating a site yourself is loss of traffic. If your site becomes unusable, due to errors and inconsistencies (e.g. incorrect shipping rates), people will simply abandon their cart. These errors can occur at any time during the migration process and can be difficult to pick up until someone actually tries to place an order.

What is involved

The migration process involves setting up a test interface, ideally using another web hosting account or dedicated server. In addition, you would need to make a backup of your store’s database and files, including your inventory, user account and order data. This is vital, otherwise your existing customers won’t be able to access their accounts and orders. You would also need to understand exactly how the new software works and which data sets are required. It might be that your new platform requires additional data. Migrating your store on your own is a big learning curve and can be fraught with difficulties, which will inevitably lead to a loss of business.

Outserve’s e-commerce migration service

At OutserveWeb, we can not only advise you on the best e-commerce platform to meet your current needs, but we can migrate your store quickly and simply from one e-commerce platform to another. We will copy your store (including your products, customers and order history) across to the new software, leaving your old store intact until you are entirely happy with the new platform. Whether you are looking to move from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, from Shopify to Magento, we can find and implement the best solution for you.

Find out more

For more information about our e-commerce migration service, contact us here or call us on 01785 244080. We’re happy to help!